School holidays over ...

Well hello all!
Sorry for my delay in writing, with school holidays and a short trip of our own we have been EXTREMELY busy!
So school holidays were great, trying but great! Kids loved being home together, but as all ways boredom kicked in on about the Tuesday, so there were lots of "Mum! What can we do" and "Mum, there's nothing fun to do!!" but the make it box got a work out (and now needs to be refilled) so did the little people and littlest pet shops! The kids created weddings and shopping malls and watching their imaginations run wild with pictures and pasting! It really is a fun time to have them home, but two weeks is long enough :)
The last Friday we had the privilege of attending the Dora Live concert and it was fantastic, a wonderful show that entertained from start finish! Miss 3 was in awe and loved every minute, even Miss 1 had a great time bopping along to the music! It was all well timed, great sound and they interacted well with the audience! Couldn't recommend it more!
But to finish the holidays off with a bang, we packed the car and hit the road!! 4am we loaded the kids in the car and started the 6 hour drive to Merimbula!
The kids we so well behaved. They all went back to sleep (even me too!) and played quietly the rest of the trip!

We stayed at the Merimbula Big 4 Caravan park and it was wonderful! They were friendly and had so much for the kids to do! The cabins are well maintained and very spacious! I was thrilled to walk in and the place to be so fresh and inviting, almost a home away from home! Heaps of room for all the critters! We even had a few friendly visitors join us ...

And my very own Dr Dolittle loved them so ...

We had an ocean view room and it was just that, it was gorgeous, ocean as far as the eye could see, and the spectacular colours that spread across the horizon and sun rise and sun set was magical! I have to admit that it was a wonderful time together, much needed!
But the best feeling was that on Friday, dropping them at kinder and school ;)
I hope you had a wonderful school holidays too, making many memories to treasure! Chat soon!!
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