My Monday Gripe

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend!

My gripe, well, Miss 9 turned to me today, out of nowhere, and asked me;
"Why do they show the lady die on the speeding ad, mum?"
Well, this is my gripe, I myself do not understand the need for the detailed advertisements. They are meant to be confronting to scare people out of doing the wrong thing, but I don't think my children need to sit and watch a person be hit by a car and die when we are relaxing before bed. My girls are not naive, they understand about death, but I honestly do not think that it is completely necessary to go into to much detail!

I also understand the implications of speed, drunk driving and stupid behavior, the effects of them are beyond comprehendible and should be discouraged, surely there is another way about it!

Same goes for the smokings adverts too! Miss 3 has woken on many occasions to nightmares about her feet turning green and cutting her legs off!

Not sure if I am alone here, would love to know your feedback on this topic!

Cheers, MCM xxx


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