And the winner is ...

Well The Voice is over for this series and I feel a little empty. I loved the blind auditions, I loved the battle rounds and obviously loved the live rounds! Had me sucked in from the start!! But as the show finished it had left me wondering what will happen? With social media being such a huge part of our everyday lives, I have no doubt that a majority of the performers on the show will become famous by some means, but will they last the test of time?
I hope to hear them on my radio!! Lets look at the top 4, Sarah De Bono has the most amazing voice I have ever heard!! The emotion and high notes would blow me away every week. I have downloaded each song and could listen to her voice all day!

Rachael Leircarht, she has a lovely voice. Sadly it was not anything that truly amazed me, I felt that the performances lacked something. But it was a wonderful opportunity and a brave decision to take on the challenge!

Darren Percival, is a true performer! I had the pleasure of seeing this man perform at the Grand Final breakfast last year and we were amazed with his talent, only to watch him grow throughout the series and see so many different sides to his performances! I still love the call from Keith Urban "I feel like I have just been Baptised!!" This man has a talent that needs to be shared with the world! Darren, I will by your albums too!

But the winner is ... Karise Eden, the husky sounds of the soul sister! I have had my moments with her, not a huge fan as I felt sometimes she wasn't great, but than others she was amazing!!!

I did hope that Sarah would win, but it was obvious Karise had it in the bag!! But what about the other contestants? Oh my favourite was Emma Birdsall and Diana! they blew my over like a feather!! I downloaded all of Emma's songs and have them on their own little playlist that I chill out to with a cuppa when I have 5 minutes!!

So for me it's a sad goodbye from me, not quite sure how I will fill my lonely space (probably with Tricky Business) but at least there will be series 2 ... But will it be without Delta?!? Just have to wait and see!!!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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