Home Made Bread Crumbs

Making bread crumbs yourself is no hard task. I believe that most people can make them in minutes! I didn't use to do it, because the thought of bringing down the food processor was a drag! We have one of those all in one, do it all machines that means you have to wash nearly everything in your kitchen when you're done ... until now!

Just so you know, this isn't a sponsored post!

I recently came into the possession of a handy little kitchen mate ... The Kambrook Mix & Store Stick Mixer. Oh. My. Goodness! This thing is amazing!

So, one night when cooking some chicken schnitzel, i realised that I had run out of bread crumbs (as I always do) and just as i was throwing a tantrum in the kitchen because I have to go to the supermarket again -with four children in toe, right at dinner time with every other mum in the area- I had a brain wave ... I'll try the stick mixer on the old bread I have ... and wouldn't you know it, it worked a charm!

I believe making bread crumbs yourself is a much healthier way to go, plus no more wastage on the old bread that would usually see the bottom of the bin! I like to season my crumbs too for a little variety, using some dried herbs you can spice things up with some chilli flakes, or be a little more subtle with flavours like garlic or rosemary.

Home Made Bread Crumbs


Old bread (watch for mould!)
If you wish to season your bread crumbs, add desired seasoning.


 1. Take your bread and remove the crusts, unless you like your crumbs chunky!

2. Tear apart and place in your jug from the Mix & Store.

3. Take out your anger on the day old bread until at the right consistency.

4. Add seasoning if you so desire, I like a combo of dried rosemary and garlic salt.

The master tool for every kitchen! Easy to assemble and easy to store!


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