I Swear I'll Never Do It ...

Have you ever thought ... "Oh, I will never do that" ...  when your mum said or did something in your earlier years? I have, often! Here is a list of things my mum did that I'll never do! 
  • Ironing EVERYTHING! You won't see me standing behind an ironing board while I iron the tea towels or Doona covers, the only time that'll happen is is the queen of f'ing England is coming to stay and I think she might check my tea towel cupboard. 
  • The 'good set' of everything that comes out on special occasions. The only good set of anything I have these days are the good set of wine bottles in the top of the cupboard, where the kids can't reach, waiting for the queen. Everything we own from plates to cutlery to bed linen is in full rotation! Saves me washing everything!
  • This is my favourite. The pegs. My mum may have been a little ocd, she would colour coordinate the pegs to the clothes. Yep. White items got white pegs. Pink/red items got pink pegs. Blue with the blue and so on. I now purposely randomly pick colours, I will actually put back a peg if I have a pair that match the item I'm holding. That is not ocd, that is rebelling!
  • I will not listen to old school music and force it on my children ... Oops ... Too late.
  • I will not leave my child to sleep in the back yard if they return home after curfew. I know it was summer but damn it was cold and new I forgot my keys! Kids you are safe! I will let you in!!
  • I will not teach my children how to drive! Oh no, no way! I still have nightmares about the look in her eye when she was trying to teach me gears. I am not hard headed and I did not think I knew what I was doing. Urgh, parents. 
  • I will not make you pay board!!!! As soon as I started working, I was paying board! It was 'going into a separate account' that would be made available to me later on, that I never saw! But I found the whole purpose stupid! I was barely there! 

Oh the list could go on! Is there anything your mum did that made you cringe and swear to never do the same?


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