Finding Balance & Clean Eating with Rachel Finch

I had the most amazing opportunity, one of my biggest highlights since creating my blog. I had a chat with Rachael Finch, about all things fiber, being the All Bran Ambassador and living healthy. 

What a chat that was ... I started out all fan girl! I was like, I am a total fan *cue blushing cheeks* I follow you on Twitter and Instagram ... blah blah ... I wish I could edit phone calls!

Then we got down to some serious business. Living healthy! I want to tell you something that Rachael pointed out, but I had never thought of before. I am addicted to living healthily. "Getting to the point that you feel like you are happy is tough, but once you are there, you never want to live like that again." So true, as she was speaking those words, I'm nodding and I'm like, "Yes! Yes, you're right!' I have spent the last three years tweaking and changing my lifestyle and eating habits so that I could be happy with where I'm at, so I can feel good from the inside out. I am getting there! I am almost where I need to be. Yes it is hard, but it is so worth it.

The main focus of our conversation was women’s health and the lack of fiber that we consume. It is an increasing issue that needs to be addressed and Rachael is doing awesome things to show us how easy it can be to include the required daily intake, with fun and simple recipes like this. Did you know that nearly half of all Australian women suffer bloating each week? With half again suffering several times a week! This is due to the lack of fiber-rich foods like cereal, breads, vegetables and grains in our diets.

I know after I had my second daughter my mid wife told me that I should AVOID foods that contain fiber because it would be easier to ‘pass’, instead I ended up bloated, run down and having to take supplements to rectify the damage I had caused by avoiding breads and cereals as advised. We eat these foods because our bodies need it! Just like our bodies need carbs and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables!

I expressed my concern for the amount of processed, packaged foods that our children consume and how hard it is to encourage them to eat better. Rachael agreed wholeheartedly “The crap that is found in packaged food, even the supposed healthy foods, is nuts! It’s all crap!” It is just as easy to place a piece of fruit in your child’s lunch, as it is to add a snack bar or packet of chips. “You can’t completely deny them of everything, they will go to the canteen and buy a lolly, but setting the basis of a healthy diet is the only thing you can do for them.”

Making snacks yourself, at home gives you the opportunity to create foods that are free from all the nasties and taste great too! I was lucky enough to get a new recipe that Rachael had just cooked herself, click here to find the Brekky Slice recipe! We tried the recipe ourselves on the weekend it was so yummy! The kids ate it straight from the pan! Thanks for that one!

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of healthy eating. I’m not talking clean eating or starting the Paleo Diet or anything that drastic, starting small and increasing your changes is a sure way to ensure you stick to it! Since changing my life around, I cannot tell you how fantastic I have been feeling, but the past few weeks I have fallen back into a bit of a rut. Grabbing takeout while on the go and snacking on foods I am not allowed to eat and I pay the price for it! Headaches, dizziness and run down. It shows, your body needs the freshness of real fruit and veg, and make sure to cook your meals from scratch!

My biggest thing is exercise, and I asked what are some of the best exercises we can do as mums, something we can generally do at home while the kids are playing or sleeping. Her answer “Do what is right for you! No two people are the same, there is no right or wrong exercise.” I love doing Blogilates, which is a high impact Pilates, which suits me, might not suit you, but it fits in with my lifestyle. So love it, embrace it and be a better version of you!

I cannot thank Rachael enough for taking the time to chat with me. It was such an eye opener and she manages to put everything back into perspective. I hope you get a chance to trial her recipes, they are amazing! And check out her website for more information and recipes too!
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