Peppa Pig Competition!

Hi All!!!

Yes the Peppa Pig competition is OPEN! So be sure to place your entries!

You could soon be in the running to win a Peppa Pig on Grandpa Pigs Train. This adorable train comes with both Peppa and George figurines and the train makes real train sounds!

Enter Here!
To enter, simply follow the rafflecopter instructions and leave your comment below. Only entries that complete all sections will be eligible.
Open to Australian residents only! Sorry!!

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Good Luck Everyone! The winner will be announced here on Tuesday 8th April!

Thank you to all the amazing entries! I had a good chuckle at them! The winner has been chosen at random, and that winner is ... Jody! Congrats!

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  1. My 15 month old daughter LOVES Peppa Pig! Lately she refuses to get dressed for me and throws a tantrum every time I take on the task. I recently purchased a Peppa Pig nightie for her (a princess dress). Last night when I was about to try and tackle getting her night clothes on her, she lit up like a lamp with happiness when she saw her Peppa nightie and came crawling like lightning to me! What a game-changer Peppa's nightie has been! I am now on the hunt for all things Peppa and she'd adore this!

  2. My son insists on calling us Mummy and Daddy pig.

    It all started one day with this conversation
    Me: Let's go inside and do some colouring.
    Mr3: Good thinking Mummy Pig!
    Me: Mummy Pig?!?!
    Mr3: (giggles) I love you mummy pig!
    After I got over the shock of being called a pig, it finally dawned on me that it was a Peppa Pig reference.

    Unfortunately when we're in public, that knowledge isn't quite as wide spread. At least he hasn't pulled out grandma pig though. I imagine I would have quite some explaining to do for that one. :)

  3. My toilet training 2 year old just LOVES Peppa! You can imagine my horror when I found her splashing and jumping about in a puddle of her own making....I'm jumping in muddle puddles Mumma! Noooooo, you're jumping in piddles, not puddles!

    1. Oh No!!! That's too cute, I think ... maybe after everything is cleaned up and shiny again!

  4. I don't have a funny story or even a cute one. But my house does get eerily quite when Peppa Pig is on the telly.

    1. It's certainly is amazing how con sued they become when it comes on! ABC4 has a show on in-between the episodes so it becomes super quiet, then noisy, then quiet again! Very funny to listen too!

  5. All 3 of my kids love watching Peppa Pig.... yes even the 7 and 8 year old boys - we tell them we are going to tell their school mates they watch it hehe ;) thank you! Monique :)

    1. Oh yes! I have one of those too!! Hehe!

  6. My Miss 3 is obsessed and Miss 6 loves Peppa too. I was looking at tickets the other day for Peppa Pig live which is coming to our town but only doing a show during school hours. Miss 6 found and said "I know I'm a big school girl now but I will be sad for the rest of my life if you go and watch Peppa Pig without me!"


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