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Oh hello lovlies!

Schools back and aren't we happy! Well it's back for one of mine, the big kid is still at home! Although, that can be a good thing. While the kids play, mama can sit down and flick through the new online version of My Child!!

Yes, My Child magazine is now available online and this months issue is free to download ... FREE I tell you!

Here's what Lise the Editor for My Child magazine has to say ...

My Child magazine came about after I gave birth to my beautiful son, Duncan, in May 2004. My husband Brian and I were both in our 40s (I had Duncan at 41!) and had given up on the idea of having children so Duncan really was a kind of miracle for us!

At school I was a bit of a rebel and when I left, I ended up working in exactly what I had never
Lise and Duncan
wanted to do – secretarial! Plus it was in the corporate sector – merchant banks and chartered accountancy firms – which did not suit my personality at all. Mind you, I was pretty good at it and ended up running conferences around Australia. Then in my late 20s I finally went to Macquarie University to do a double major in English Literature before moving into magazine publishing. I’ve now been working in magazines for over 20 years across weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies including That’s Life!, Elle, Family Circle and CLEO. I’d never looked at parenting magazines until I fell pregnant, however I found none of them were my cup of tea. Their features were too superficial to learn anything substantial from and their design unappealing.

I’d also decided I wanted to be around as much as possible for the first few years of Duncan’s life before he started school. I wanted to be there while he was little to experience his first steps and all those sweet (but often challenging) growing-up stages. But I also needed to work. These factors, plus my wonderful husband’s support, were what prompted me to start up my own magazine, which is still run from my home! The mag has been produced as a quarterly print publication since 2006 and has now transitioned to a free digital-only monthly format – our June issue (the first digital-only

What amazing accomplishments this woman has made, I am lucky to brush my hair in the morning and feed the children! But My Child has been my go to mag for all ideas and designs for the kids rooms and even though some things may be out of price range, others are not! And the thought process is started! Hubby always goes "Uh Oh!" when a new issue hits the bench, now I can hide in secret! 

I have loved reading this gorgeous online mag, I hope you do too!
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