Being A Mum Is Hard

I have decided that being a parent is hard. Especially a parent to four.

Washing for, cleaning up after and cooking for four is a full time job on its own. Then add in school drop offs and pick ups, kinder, ballet, swimming, basketball. Our days are a constant go, go, go.

When do you find time to be you? Whether is be dinner and a movie or a bath. Do you struggle finding the time?

The past two weeks I have been sick. For most of last week I dragged my feet around all day unable to do much. To the point we avoided the stairs at all costs! Hubby was great, although his business is busy at the moment, which is great for the business, not so much for the home (or his sanity)!

Most of all I have been thinking about how much your life changes with four little people to chase after. Dinner is damn near impossible, visiting friends is a bigger task then ever, especially if those friends don't have kids!

I know in a few years time they will be grown up and I will wish them little again, but at the moment I wish for simple task like visiting the supermarket to actually be simple. I wish that they could remember their shoes or not wipe their snot on my shoulder. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't change them for the world, they are the most amazing little people I have ever met. They make every day worth waking up for. I just need to manage my time a little better and find a way to squeeze a little me into our schedule!

How do you do it? What do you do to take a time out?
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