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We were lucky enough to receive a wonderful pack from the team at Tommee Tippee Miomee recently. Just in time too! In the last week of term 2, I was struck down by a fierce cold! I haven’t as sick as that in … well, I can’t remember when! I had a high temperature, the shakes, my skin was crawling, and my head was aching. We had to call in back up, as I just couldn’t function!!

Thankfully one of the items we received was the Miomee 4-in-1 Thermometer. This little beauty was a savior! We were able to monitor my temp and as it started to rise again, I was back on the Advil! That was a really crappy couple of days. But to make matters worse, it didn’t stop there! Nate got the sniffles and a cough and Mikayla got tonsillitis AGAIN! The other two weren’t too bad and hubby seemed to scrape through fairly unscathed.

Then on the Friday night, Nate started with his heavy breathing and deep chesty cough! Oh the poor little man was so restless. We had the most amazing product that helped so much though. The Nursery Humidifier was a blessing. It helped settle him during that night and I couldn’t be more grateful. It is so super quiet, we hardly knew it was running and the steam was in abundance. How ever there is nothing hot that could burn or injure the littlies! Sadly, we ended up in the emergency room early Sunday morning, as my little had Bronchiolitis once again. Not as bad as when he was little, only because he responded to the Ventolin so well. If he hadn’t we would have been having a sleep over! However, when we returned hope later that day, I was at ease knowing that the air in his room was filtered and helping to sooth his congestion.

You too can own your own Humidifier and Thermometer, valued at $189.90!! That's a huge pack! for the specs on each item, head to the Tommee Tippee Miomee website! This competition is open to Australian Residents only. Cometition opens 9am Monday 7th July and closes 9am Monday 14th July 2014. Good Luck!

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We are all finally on the mend. I can’t shake the cough and neither can Nate. But I thank the heavens above that it didn’t spread through the house (touch wood!!) Otherwise it would be a frightfully boring school holidays!

Thank you to Tommee Tippee Miomee, you have no idea how much you helped us out!
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  1. This household is always getting sick - especially my little darl. I think it's just where we live and the combination of the tiles in our house that makes her get sick constantly. The humidifer we have well had now just melted itself together, how unsafe!! Never again will I recommend a Hippo to anyone, out on the market I go for a new one!

    1. Oh Nikita, that sounds terrible! I am happy to say that my unit is holding strong and it's definitely been given a workout thats for sure! I highly recommend it!


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