What a weekend away

I had the most amazing weekend a couple of weeks ago ... I don't mean to brag!

Oh it was divine! Relaxing! Surrounded by beautiful scenery and people!

Ok, so for my birthday last year the family got me a hot air balloon ride. But as I was pregnant (and slightly unwell!) I wasn't able to go. So we left it, and left it, AND left it! Christmas came and we were spoilt rotten by my mother in law who gave us a weekends accommodation in the Yarra Valley so we could have our balloon ride.

Finally, a year after receiving my gift, I was actually able to step on to (in to) the basket and take flight! We drove up Friday afternoon and were joined by the in laws as they were watching the kid lets on the Saturday morning. We all snuggled into the cabin at Sunway Farm Bed & Breakfast, which was the most gorgeous spot I think I have stayed at. The cabin consisted of two bedrooms, a fully stocked kitchen, lounge, meals and bathroom. The sofa folded out into a bed and we were able to use that for the in-laws. I was smitten. Located up in the hills, just a few minutes drive out of Healesville, you felt as though you were tucked away in a secluded hideaway! Yes, the place is a bed & breakfast, but they also have this cabin, 'The Rosebud' available for families or large groups.

So the following morning, hubby and I were up at the crack of dawn, tiptoeing around trying to get ready for what was going to be an exciton day ... for me. Hubby wasn't too keen on the idea of being whisked away, but dutifully joined me.

At 5:30am we arrived at Rochford Winery. Early mornings do not agree with me. I was astounded to see women walk in, in their knee high boots, hair curled and make up an inch thick. Here I am wearing hubby's jacket, old jeans with the holes in them and the oldest shoes I could find! So not one of the beautiful people!

Once everyone had arrived, we were whisked off to our field where we were to take off -an open area in a state park, just as the first cracks of sun were starting to break free. But as it said in the brochure, be prepared to help. The more people that help the faster we can take off! And help we did. There were men pulling the basket off the trailer, people unrolling the balloon (which was much larger than I anticipated) and little old me velcroing the top of the balloon to the together. I was relieved to hear that our safety did not depend on my velcroing technique, or lack there of!

Once we were set up -and our feet officially drenched- we boarded the basket and prepared for take off! This was a lot scarier than I anticipated. The initial leaving the ground was smooth, but watching the ground slowly slip away was a little shocking! Once the nerves passed (which they did quickly) the view was amazing and the experience nothing short of breathtaking.

With full view of the Yarra Valley, we sailed above the rest of the world before ascending further into the clouds, a sense of childhood awe of being amongst the clouds came over me. That was until we came out on top, when I voiced my awe with gasps of amazement. It was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen.

As my camera on my phone is still not working I wasn't able to get a lot of photo's but I wanted to share some of my favourites from the day.


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