Haven't we been busy!

Hello all!

Sorry it has been a little quiet on my end! It has been a mad house over here. May and June always are!

We've had birthdays, a Baptism, and plenty of school and out of school activities happening! As you already know we went away to Healsville too!

Firstly, I had a birthday! Yippee! Happy Birthday to me! This is what 32 looks like ...

I had a wonderful day! Hubby took the kids to school and Aerotots, before dropping me off at the beautician for pedi, massage and waxing! I had lunch with my Lexi when she finished, a snooze with her too. We picked up the kids, played for a while before dinner at the in laws. I was spoilt rotten too! New iPhone cover, slippers, voucher, perfume, jewellery stand and cardi! It was a great day with my beautiful family!

It was that weekend that we went away, only to return to the chaos of organising Mr Nate's Baptism. I had so much fun doing this. All this boy stuff is new and exciting and I love it! Trying to keep the budget tight, I did a lot things on my own, like the invites and the thank you's!

These were super simple and cheap too! The pillow boxes are from Kmart and were about $3 per pack, the ribbon I had left over from the invites and I got the labels from Officeworks for about $15, I had plenty left over too. The best part is that Avery have a website designed for their products, with templates so you can create what ever you need! Awesome! Then I filled them with Hershey's Kisses, because they are so damn yummy!

We had and amazing day. Surrounded by family and friends, we showered that little guy with so much love! After what was a horrible start, with me losing my bank card and then relocating to the MIL's house, the hair straightener and hair dryer dying, we were relaxed and were able to enjoy our day. 

Father Ian Baptising Nate

Nate with his Godparents
The Cake Table - Adorable cake made by my sister in law!
Love this idea! Created by Let's Celebrate

I was so pleased with it all. It had been such a wonderful and memorable occasion. I love my little family so much that it hurts, but on occasions like this I love sharing that feeling with those dearest. 

A huge thank you to my sister in law for the AMAZING cake, my in laws for opening up their home (last minute) and assisting in every other way, to Nate's godparents (even if Father Ian did forget your names) and to everyone who shared this special day with us! 
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