Almost Three!

Miss Ellexah is almost three! I can't believe it!

We are hoping to have a party for her this year, maybe something little at home. But what theme do you choose for a three year old? Since my Kara Allen workshop, I feel this need to have a colour palette, a theme, a design.

So I have been searching the world wide web! Here are my favourite themes for a 3rd birthday celebration!

Pink & White ...

Pink & White Theme

Pink and white are such go to colours for a girls party. Whether it be a 1st or a 16th pink and white can be incorporated into all areas. It is easy to style and can work into other themes too, like Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, a polka dot party and many more.
Pink & White Themes

Garden Party ...
Fairy Land Garden Party

Oh a garden has such a free, natural and magical feel to it. So why not have a party outdoors. You can turn a corner of your garden into a child's fairy land, under a tree could be a whimsical dream land, or a high tea might be more your child's wish! Anything can happen when you are feeling magical!

Garden Tea Party

Hidden Away Under A Tree

Vintage ...

Vintage Cowgirl

Vintage themes can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It is sweet and ideal for little girls. I wanted this theme for my youngest first birthday, but it didn't happen that way! So here I can dream away!

I love the pastels and the frills, the hessian and the lace, it all melts together so wonderfully!

Vintage Country - Chic
Girly Vintage

Royally Vintage

Princess ...

Girls Princess Party

There is a princess in all of us ... so they say! But who doesn't love to dress up and wear a tiara every now and then, its why we have kids isn't it? But to make your little girl feel like a princess for a day is the best memory you can create for them!

Princess ... WOW

Mermaids ...

Under the sea theme
Mermaid / Under The Sea

An underwater adventure takes you away to a magical place where mermaids live and play with their dolphin friends, clam shells hold pearls and everything sparkles!

You can be as creative as you want with this theme and not have to take out a second mortgage!

There are so many amazing ideas out there for your children's parties. Take ideas from some, give credit where it's due and don't blatantly steal other ideas!! Create a magical day for your little one, as these are the memories we hold dear!

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