Mother's Day

This Sunday just passed was Mother's Day.

What an amazing day this is! I love it! Not for the gift or the breakfast in bed (or the lack thereof), but for the undivided attention of my children, the love and fun and joy we share.

And yes, I had to raise my voice a couple of times. And yes, I had to use the 'but it's mother's day' line too. But they are kids, what do you expect?

I was able to start the day with all four in our bed! Then ... get this ... I had a shower!! ALONE!! Haha! We had a fine dinning breakfast at McDonalds (my choice), lunch with the extended family and a walk through Williamstown with an ice cream. Then when we returned home, the little ones had a nap while we watched a movie, popped some popcorn and chilled out! Pizza for tea and then we all but flaked it in our bed!

Could you ask for a better day? I would think not!

Thank you to my beautiful children for my amazing gifts, and to my wonderful hubby for treating me like a queen! Love you all xxx

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