10 things you didn't know about yours truly

So you think you know me inside out by now don't you?

You think you have me all figured out?

Guess what ... you don't! I have secrets galore and I'm about to share ten things with you that you didn't know ... mind blown!

1. I am claustrophobic. Not so much by small areas but by things in and near my mouth and face. I can't hide under a blanket with the kids or scuba dive, as I start to hyperventilate!

2. I have a major curve in my spine. Yep, my left hip sits much higher than my right ... wrong!

3. I hate multiplication. I still have to work out my 8's and 9's on my fingers sometimes, great example for the kids aren't I!

4. I have a slight addiction to scarves. I have an entire shelf dedicated to my scarves!

5. I want to write a book. I don't mean I want to turn my blog into a book, like a weekend course at the local community centre offers. I want to write a novel, a real sell it in the book store novel! I know I don't have the writing skills to actually do this but I have forever wanted it!

6. I am pedantic about where things go. Yes, my house is a mess, not even an organised mess, just a great big huge mess! There is washing everywhere, ironing following it, kids toys galore. But don't you dare put that fork in the wrong spot. The kids tried t help me put the dishes away one night and I had to ask them politely to leave the kitchen. I couldn't handle it!!! all the large forks are piled together, all the small forks are piled together. Same goes for the spoons too. Total weirdo!

7. I love to (secretly) cross stitch. I'm not crafty, I can barely sew on a button, but put my in a quiet room with a cross stitch pattern and away she goes! I tend not to finish them at the moment, that's only  because of the children taking up all my time, and quite possibly my lack of eye sight!

8. That brings me to number eight. I am 71% blind in my left eye and it is getting worse. I try to pretend like it is no big deal. Only wear my glasses when I have to. But I have lost so much vision in that eye in the last few years, it's scary!

9. I have -and cherish- a t-shirt from a walk against want I did in primary school that is signed by the cast of Neighbours!!! It is the most awesomest piece of memorabilia I own!

10. So this is the last piece of my puzzle I will share. I eat Milo from the tin. I'm not talking a scoop or two either. I once ate a small tin of Milo in two sittings over two days. The entire tin. I had to buy another so that no one would notice. I still to this day cannot not have a scoop if I notice the tin. Hence why I store spoons in the pantry ... true story!
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