Still waiting for answers

Hello, hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
I know I have been a little absent lately, but with lots happening in our little house I find it hard to either sit for five minutes or keep my eyes open when I do! But we are all good! However I did realise that I never followed up on my falling down post!

A couple of Fridays ago I had my appointment with the Neurologist, which sadly was unsuccessful. He was concerned with the combination of symptoms I had been experiencing and has now referred me to have EEG done to monitor my brain action (if they can find one) This is all happening pretty quickly with the test being done on this Wednesday and the follow up appointment two weeks later. I'm thankful for the rush through as last time I met with the Neurologist I had to wait two months!! 
So still no answers and still some pretty full on dizzy spells mixed with a couple of fainting sessions too! I have still had no coffee since January this year, which is massive and I have had to stop drinking also! All part and parcel of being me! Wouldn't have it any other way, yeah?
But other than that things have been so good! We are on school holidays, I've rekindled my love with Pinterest! I'm actually waking up earlier than usual but thankful that I don't have to get out of my PJ's! We had a great Easter, kids went nuts on the chocolate eggs and bunny's, but no overdosing!! We drove to Apollo Bay for the day to see the family. It was a lovely day and I am such a beach bum, I love listening to the waves and walking in the sand! The fact that it was a little chilly made it all the more better.

We ate, we laughed, we walked then we came home. All three slept in the car on the windy drive back through the hills and along side the ocean. It is such a beautiful place that I have longed to live for EVER! Sometimes I have the feeling that I would love nothing more to pack up and go! So many times I hear myself saying 'Lets just go!' but then reality kicks in and it's just not possible. Too hard for hubby to get to work. Such is life, isn't that what they say? Haha, well to torture myself a little more, I have lived vicariously through Fuel TV this weekend watching the Rip Curl Pro, what a great weekend of surfing! Sad to see all the favs drop out, but awesome to watch the first ever Brazillian take home (and break) the bell!
Well I hope you had a great Easter long weekend and the holidays don't fly past too quickly! Take care out there!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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