Only 100 days to go!

Some people cringe at the thought of Christmas and how fast it approaches. Somehow every  year it creeps up on us! 

But I have the softest spot for the festive season. I love the cooking and the decorating and the crafts. I love seeing the tree decorated and the presents wrapped. 

Today marks only 100 days until Christmas, I hope there aren't too many nasty remarks!! You'll either thank me for the reminder or join me in the count down to the fun and games of Christmas! 

I'm especially exxcited as it will be the first Christmas with our little AJ, as a family of 6!!

Enjoy peeps xxx
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  1. I am always excited for Christmas and I totally know how you're feeling when you're 100 days away from it. :) Hope this year's going to be great for you.

    Christmas World


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