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Well I may have let it slip earlier on Facebook that I have the opportunity to attended the workshop that Kara Allen is hosting at the end of the month!!!

This is amazing!!! Not sure if anyone knows, but this is my dream!! About 10 years ago I had everything set to become a wedding planner. I had the details for every church, celebrant, reception centre and florist in a 75km radius. The only thing I was lacking was confidence.

Sadly when the computer died, it took with it all my work :(

Then two years ago, hubby handed me an envelope on Christmas Day. I opened it with curiosity to find he had registered the business name Mikayla and I had come up with, forcing me to start again! But this time I steered away from weddings (although that is what I still want to do!!) I wanted to do something a little less time consuming, as I still had two children under three!

I started again and spent every spare second researching and building up databases. I thought I'd beat the computer and stored all my work to a USB, that way I could use any computer (as I didn't have my own computer). I cried the day hubby sat on the bed and the USB snapped out of the laptop. I cried so hard and vowed it wasn't meant to be.

Just recently I started designing the website for a new idea I've had. Here's hoping this time, that I can follow through with my ideas and start the ball rolling!!

Then just out of nowhere I was invited to Kara, from Kara's Party Ideas workshop in Williamstown! I couldn't believe it!!

You know how you have a go to shop or blog or website for most things? Well Kara's site is my go to for party ideas! Most of my party's have in some way stemmed from her site.

She is classy and fun and I love her use of everyday items to make things a little more fun and exciting! She can also inspire you for the more sophisticated of parties too! Online store is available to send overseas and I have made good use if that too!

The workshop is, as I mentioned earlier, going to be held at Williamstown Town Hall on Friday 28th February. The full day workshop will cover everything from
For more information, check out this ebrochure for all the details on the workshops, about Kara, where she'll be and where to purchase your tickets!!

We can thank Sugar Coated Mama for organising Kara's tour and getting her to Australia! Tickets are available through her website.

However if you are unable to attended one of the workshops (which you'd be crazy not to!) she will be making appearances at Confetti Fair around Australia! Check out the Confetti Fair website for more details here!

Well from this excited little party lover I'm off to organise a beach soiree for Zarah's fifth birthday which is in a couple of weeks!!! Wish me luck!
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