DIY Canvas Art

Have you ever seen something in a shop and thought, I'm not paying that! I could make it myself!

Then you leave the shop only to realise you wouldn't have the faintest of an idea where to start!

That's me baby! I do this on a regular basis, well no more! I have been armed with the right tools!!

Follow these simple in striations and you too can be making the items that decorate your home! Or better yet, use them as gifts for your loved ones! They are definitely gift worthy!

Setting yourself up so you have everything you need will ensure that you have a perfectly finished product at the end. Be creative with the covering you chose, but make sure it is thick enough not to tear while your working or show the canvas through.

 Cut you material to size, leaving hangover so there is material to secure to the back

 Using your glue gun, glue in place

 Staple overhang to the rear of the canvas and trim away excess

And your finished product will look a little like this! Quite easy don't you think?

These DIY ideas are from the Charles Parsons craft site Craft Project. For more great ideas head on over and start making!

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