The Brickvention

We were lucky enough to have been surprised by hubby with tickets to the Lego Convention at the Royal Exhibition building in Carlton last weekend. I was a little put off at the thought, but I knew the kids would love it as Mikayla and Zarah are right into building it all at the moment. We have Lego friends and Lego City all over the house!



The designs that were created are beyond words! I was amazed over and over again with the detail and the scenes that had been recreated.
Castle from The wizard of Oz




One of my favourite designs were the Melbourne themes. I was so excited to see the trams and Luna Park! Even with a running roller coaster! I honestly was transported back to when I was younger, plain with my little brothers Legos!


The Melbourne Cup
If you are a die hard 007 fan, you too will blown away by the clarity and detail found in the following pictures. These were apart of the exhibit that is running at Melbourne Museum at the moment!

 I have visited the Exhibition Building many times for the garden show and wedding expo's etc, but I am still floored by its beauty. The classic style of the building is stunning and makes me smile to think this is in our backyard. Very proud to be a Melbournian, even if our weather is a little temperamental!

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