Juggling Balls

What happens when your children watch too many episodes of Better Homes and Gardens? You end up making juggling balls! What happens when your children take them to school to show their friends? You end up making MORE juggling balls!!

These are great fun to make and kept the kids entertained for ages too!

What you need ...

A packet of balloons
Bag of rice

What to do ...

First you need to place the balloon over the end of the funnel.

Then fill the funnel with the rice until your balloon is firm.

After you remove the balloon from the funnel, cut the stem of the balloon and fold over excess balloon to avoid the rice spilling. Tape it closed.

Choosing another balloon, cut the stem off and place it over the rice filled balloon to cover (and secure) the first balloon.

And then your done! Easy as pie!

Please beware!!! This can get a little messy, especially when working with younger children! I had to take a deep breath and pull the vacuum out at the end! 

If you do not have a funnel on hand, a piping bag works just as well! 

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  1. I remember making these as a kid! So cool and some many great memories coming back :)

    1. Thank you! Yes I do to have fond memories throwing these around, pretending I was in the circus! #OnlyChildForNineYears


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