I had a dream ...

No seriously, I had a dream last night. That wasn't me putting on my Martin Luther King voice!

I don't often share my dreams but the last few days I have been having some warped ones. Dreams about the girls and their futures, about starting a business, inspiring dreams too. Last night however, was a dream that scared the pants off me!!

I woke at about three, thrashing and crying in my sleep.

Hubby was a little freaked out. He grabs me and calms me down, but it was just too real!

Ever had a dream that you were watching your family as they grow and live only to realise that you aren't a part of it? It was like a movie, watching on as my family move on without me and that was truly horrific!

When I woke, I was a blubbering mess. All I could get out was 'I was gone, I was gone' and I nearly made hubby cry too, although he couldn't understand what I was on about.

I hate dreams like that, yet they confirm how much I love my family and how the thought of not having them with me would tear me a part. I didn't really need confirmation of that though.

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