Back to the hospital we go

So we are back in hospital with little Nate. We came to the emergency room on Tuesday afternoon with concerns with his breathing, as he has been struggling with this cough and cold.

The doctor took one look at him and he was admitted.

The diagnosis is Bronchiolitis - a chest infection found in babies.

When we arrived his breathing was forced, watching as he sucked his muscles in under his ribs trying to take in the breath he needed. Then listening to him cough then cry in pain. We certainly made the right decision taking him when we did.

A feeding tube was inserted, which is something I hope to never witness again. The tube was used to bypass the phlegmy chest as his feeds were making him vomit and we feared dehydration. His hands were then bandaged so that he didn't pull at the tube. That tugged at the emotional heart strings. Seeing your little man so distressed then bandaged is heartbreaking. Then not being able to hold his hand is again enough to make a parent cry.

I sit here now in his room, watching my sleeping boy.

I am grateful not to hear him wheeze. I am thankful for the amazing staff at the hospital. I will be more at ease though when I am at home with our family.

I'm sure being away from home takes it toll on the girls. The late nights and getting spoilt by Nanna will be over soon girlies ... enjoy it while you can!!! The routined mama will be back!! Haha!

What an ordeal. I am sitting and waiting for the doctors to do their rounds now. Then we should hopefully be on our way, unless the doctor says otherwise. fingers crossed.

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