#OperationRenovation Continues

A little while ago, we started #OperationRenovation. We gutted the the front and back yards and started the plans for fitting a new member into our family home.

Then it sat idle for about four months. Much to our disgust! But many factors stopped us from continuing -  hubby working massive hours, me not feeling well and money as always! But finally we have restarted the project and an amazing job is being done. 

As I have mentioned before, Ellexah and Zarah are sharing so that little AJ can settle in his room. This was a disicion we made after months and months of deliberation. We toyed with the ideas of Zarah and Mikayla sharing but decided that wasn't fair for Mikayla, being 5 years older. Then we thought of transforming the kids area upstairs into a bedroom so they could each have a room. Then we decided that was ridiculous and sharing won't kill anyone!

As the story goes, we left everything to the last minute ... I mean, we were delayed in starting these projects  ... but last weekend while the girls and I were out, hubby got started! He transformed the girls small room into a girlie delight! New beds with matching doonas, netting hanging from the roof, wall stickers and more, the girls extatic to find their new room when we returned.

Not only has he been busy inside, he has been working the front too! With a new deck leading to the front door underway, we will soon be greated with this perfect entrance in no time! I am so excited to see the changes around our home. Although hubby wanted to have everything done by now, we still appreciate the hard work and effort it takes to do all these renos! 

Thanks for your time ... Hayley

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