The holiday come down

Hello all!

Sorry for the absence, but as they say, absence makes the heart grow stronger.

We have been on a little family getaway, as I mentioned earlier. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll be totally sick of selfies, beach shots and birds! But we had the most amazing time.

Same as last years trip we made our way to Merimbula. Oh my. That place is beyond words. We had a Oceanview Cabin at the Merimbula Beach Caravan Park. As we remembered, the rooms were spacious and well maintained, the view was to die for and the birds were still there too!

It takes seven hours to drive from Melbourne to Merimbula, which is a scary thought for any parent. But as always, my girls were on their best behaviour.

They chatted and sung and played games the whole way. Although I do have to thank our Apple products and the three or four days it took hubby to download and transfer all their favourite shows and movies. I have never hated and loved Peppa Pig so much.

We were lucky enough to share this holiday with the family. My mother in law, father in law, both sister in laws and the grandparents were there before we arrived. They had the most amazing house on the lake in Robyns Nest. It had spectacular views and plenty of room to run too.

The sole purpose of the trip though, was to celebrate hubby's 30th birthday. Sadly, he awoke that morning feeling pretty crappy. Man flu at its max! On Saturday we had lunch at the Merimbula Lakeside Hotel. It was gorgeous and had views of the bay. The food was delicious and didn't cost the earth. We had such a nice time. I'm glad hubby didn't succumb to the bed or couch like I know he would have preferred.

As it was hubby's 30th, two uncles made the trip down and also an aunt and cousin. Their presence made the day all the more special.

We then returned to the outlaws house for a yummy doughnut cake and shared our gifts.

I was thrilled to see his face when he finally open the gift that the girls and I had been planning for MONTHS. I am thrilled to share that he will be traveling to China in September to visit a dear and close friend of ours and his beautiful (pregnant) wife too. I'm so excited that I was able to this for him. Not working makes giving such generous gifts difficult, so I have been saving since his last birthday! haha! I know that money doesn't play a part in our gift giving, he never expects anything but to see the delight was enough to bring tears to my eyes!

Early Sunday arvo brought an end to our short getaway. We trekked back down the princes hwy and the monash back to our safe surroundings. The familiar smells and belongings makes you enjoy the comfort of home.

Although the days that followed were the hardest. Getting the kids ready for school and kinder, catching up on a weeks worth of washing, and trying to explain to Miss Two that we cannot go back to the 'Holiday House' for the three millionth time.

But mostly we had the much needed family time that we all desperately craved. I was chatting to hubby last night and saying that since we've been back I am making a more conscious effort to spend more time one-on-one with the girls and we can see the difference in them already!

I love those little beings so much, it's not that hard to just turn everything off in my life and tune into them more. Sometimes I don't realise how transfixed we all can be in our technology. So if there's one thing I have learnt in the past week, it's turn you phone off, put the laptop down, lock the iPad and just sit and listen to them. Watch them play in the sunshine. Facebook will be there later. So will the blog readers. So will the news and sports scores. They truly are precious xxx

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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