What a week this will be!


I'm sitting down for the first time today, with a cup of tea by my side.

This week is Communion week. Yes, Miss Ten is doing her Communion on Sunday and I couldn't be prouder. She is such a wonderful and mature lady, I couldn't be more proud if I try.

But as we are returning to our place after the mass, hubby and I are going into melt down. Both front and rear yards are in shambles with our half assed attempts at redoing them. The front at least resembles something that looks like a yard, but the back is mud and weeds.

Don't get me started on the inside. Beside the fact that there are unpainted walls, I had yet another lazy weekend, accomplishing nothing much then sitting on my behind (don't judge me, I'm pregnant) So chaos is the best way to describe our house at the moment.

The important job is done though. We have a dress. and a stunning one at that. Origanally Miss Ten had decided on a stunning layered dress that we had found online. But buying it was always an issue. First there was our holiday, Mothers Day, then my birthday, Miss Two's birthday, Miss Ten's birthday, another getaway, hubby's birthday ... what a year! And then it was too late to order from OS.

We did however find another dress at a local store that was similar to that we had found on the net. But it bothered me that it was a bit cheap looking. I'm not one to usually mind about these things, but this bothered me. So last week I dragged the three girls out to a local bridal store. Would you believe, between the sooking from the younger two, we found 'THE' dress. It's not layered as she wanted, but a princess style instead. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm in love.

They had to order her size in and it arrived yesterday. After school we went down and she tried it on. I nearly cried. I could believe how grown up is looked, and my pride flowed from every pore.

As I procrastinate over housework and wait for swimming to come so I can dodge the cleaning bullet. I thought I would share this exciting time with you. Lots to plan and do this week so I better get to it! But firstly, thank you to The Reject Shop for thinking, "hang on a minute. Kids drop stuff, thus break stuff, lets sell PLASTIC milk bottles" Yay for them!

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