Lists! Lists! Lists!

Wow, there is less than four weeks until little AJ arrives. The time is flying! It was a couple of weeks ago we were told we are going to be brought on at 37 weeks. In that week, I have been a mass of emotions and a basic walking zombie. Not only am I unable (translated as not allowed) to do anything, but it has taken me all week a few break downs to realise I'm in a bit of shock.

Now the shock has passed, I am able to think a little clearer. I am able to see what needs to be done and what a short time we have to do it in. List number one. The to do list. This list is all the preparations we have to make to the house before we can settle AJ into his new home. Things like, setup the girls new beds. Clean out the room. Bring the bassinet and bath down from the roof space. The fun stuff!!!

Then I think of how unprepared we are. List number two. The shopping list. Here I am mentally, physically and verbally expressing how much we need to hit the shops. Nappies, wipes, cotton buds, baby oil, nappy cream, baby bath, cotton balls. Endless ...

Then I allow myself to wonder if I were to go into labour on my own. Not going to happen. If I'm induced or booked for 37 weeks, he will not beat that! All of my children have been induced on or after 40 weeks and even then they were either spot on the due date or late. But the thought is still there and I think, I might need to pack a hospital bag. List number three. The hospital bag. All the goodies go in this one. Nursing bras, breast pads, maternity pads, undies, change of clothes. Then the added bag for my man, lollies, toothbrushes, mags to read and phone chargers. Then AJ's bag of singlets and beanies and little suits! ARGH!!! I feel like I'm losing it a little!

But the thought that gets me through it all, we have the best support group! My sisters in-law and mother-inlaw will have everything sorted if we needed. They are the best and without them I know hubby would go into melt down! lol! We are blessed and I get to hold my little man soon!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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