Vacation Time

In all the chaos that is organising to get away for a few days, I tend to forget the purpose.

I go into full on crazy mum mode, vacuuming, washing, ironing, changing sheets, cleaning toilets, right up to the minute we walk out the door.

All this so when we come home the house is clean and tidy.

Apart from hubby's birthday, we get away mid year to regroup, have some family time and do nothing in particular.

We don't do fancy. Just a trip somewhere beachy and stay at a caravan park. The kids are so excited. It's nice to watch Miss 2 tell me what to pack and which case she is taking! Reminding me hourly that she must have her bathers. I haven't the heart to tell her that it won't be warm enough to swim! Might just wait until we're there.

The older two have been scanning photos from our last trip to Merimbula reminding themselves of the birds and the beach and the park and the fishing!

So I take a moment to sit. I smile at the thought of the memories to come and rest my aching pregnant body.

Sometimes the craziness before the holiday, makes the holiday all the more relaxing.

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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