Hello Third Trimester

As you might have seen on the MCM Facebook page, I have reached my third trimester! Yay! **doing my little victory dance**
I have to admit though, I love being pregnant, I love the feel of my little man swimming around in there, I love the excitement the girls and hubby get from feeling him move, and I love dressing up my belly.
I don't love ... The restless sleep, the hot feet and the indigestion.
I remember my last pregnancy I was disappointed I was pregnant at a very close friends wedding and I felt I wasn't able to enjoy myself as much as I would have liked, but I was so wrong! This time we have so many events ... My birthday, Miss 2 and Miss 10's birthdays, hubby's 30th, Miss 10's communion, then all the relatives occasions too! So much happening! But it isn't bothering me at all. Maybe because I can't drink anyway.
I won't touch too much on hubby's birthday, but turning the big 3.0 is a big deal! I am so excited to pack up head away for a few nights! The girls and I have been working our asses off to have the best birthday present for him, we hope that he'll enjoy it!
So after 27 weeks I'm still standing, and shopping, and dancing with the kids, hopefully this can last a little longer!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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