The kids are back at school and my hair said thank you!

So my wee little darlings went back to school and kinder yesterday. To say I was happy ... Would be an understatement. Haha! Just teasing, it was quiet and slower paced than a holiday day, but I missed their cheeky faces!
However, Miss 2 and I made the most of it by having a tea break!!

We made a bee line for McDonalds and ordered the biggest doughnut we'd ever seen!
It was a nice day. Everyone was excited and well behaved! I had a tea break, did the shopping, cleaned the house while Miss Two played. It was borderline a miracle!
Now, I am an avid hair straightener! I have that horrible frizzy, boofy, dried out hair. The hair you can do nothing with!
When I was younger my cupboards were stocked with product to keep it under control. But being a mum, my money tends to spread to other things these days.
But while I was shopping yesterday (and didn't have a heard of kids with me) I picked up some styling products!! Today I put them to the test and you know what ... It worked! This is me post hair drier! (Please excuse the lack of makeup and mirror shot)

Normally I would look like Crusty the Clown's sister after a run in with a hair drier. But with a few sprays of the Toni&Guy heat protection mist, I managed a workable hairdo! Magic!! I was so excited!! It's been years since I've had hair that isn't a ball of frizz without visiting a hairdresser.
*** just so you know this isn't a sponsored post! This is legit! ***
So I warmed up the straightener and did my hair and here is my results ...

Sleek, straight, frizz free hair! See ... magic!!!!
Not bad for $16 a bottle! Here's the hero of the day ...

Thanks guys! What a great product!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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