Which way do we take the blog?

I had the pleasure if joining a blogging seminar hosted by Karen Andrews of Miscellaneous Mum today.
It was a course for beginners, but I thought the idea of starting way back at the start would help better my blog and it's content. Only I walked away feeling a little deflated. As the course title stated, it was for beginners. A lot of the content was structured around how to set up a blog, presentation, posting, timing etc. all the things I basically new.
What left me deflated though, was my lack of creativity. Blogging for me is a creative outlet. A hobby even. But today I realised that there is no real point to my story. There is no particular direction I take you guys as readers. Yet I'm not blind to this, I have thought this before, but never really concerned myself with it because I was enjoying what I was doing.

As much as I love to share and write, I think I need to take a moment to step back and reassess where I want my vision to lie. What do you guys as readers want to see and hear?
I know that I don't have a talent that I have uncovered as yet. You know what I mean? Some people can cook, some are crafty, some can dance, some are poets or writers. I just don't have a 'thing'. Now this has bothered me for as long as I can remember. I know I've had many sleepless nights and tear filled sessions about it too. I'm always hearing hubby say, "just do something that makes you happy!" I just don't know what that thing is.
Over the past two years that Middle Class Mama's has been up and running, I thought I was evolving into a great little place that I could express all areas of my life, but now I see there is nothing there but dribble, yet I know I have enjoyed writing and taking the time out to this for myself. But is there a point when there is no one to read it? Is there a point when your visits reach a max of 13 people in a week? What about when no one even clicks the links on Facebook or Twitter?
Again, I try not to concern myself too much with the stats side of blogging, but it's hard not to! I would love some feed back from anyone who reads over this! Tell me what's good, what needs improving, where do I need to lead my topics? I appreciate your honesty.
Thanks guys!!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. Hiya! First time visitor to your blog, and quite an interesting post to pop in on for a first-timer I'd say! It royally sucks that you felt deflated after a blogging seminar (of all things, it should leave you feeling stoked on life), and now you feel even more unsure where to go. Totally normal. I'm pretty sure all of us bloggers go through these types of transitions (some on a daily basis!).

    So I did some quick research and read your last 10 posts. There is indeed a direction you're taking your readers, it's just more broad. I would categorize your blog as a Mom Blog - where the reader would go to read and relate to your family-life experiences. You've also got some fun DIY's in there as well, which fits since the ones I read over could be considered family-related.

    There are "Mom blogs" out there (that perhaps you compare yours to?) that find more of a niche and have become really successful. If blogging just for the fun of it makes you happy, then girl - keep doin' what you're doin. If it's 'blog success' that will make you happy, then peel back a bit and start focusing your content to one or two topics.

    I hope it brings some solace to know that a random reader like myself can see the point to your blog! Keep workin' the mom blog ;)

    xx Rachael
    A Runaway Muse

  2. Oh there is nothing worse then feeling like this H. We should really catch up for a coffee sometime and chat. I agree you have a good family orientated blog.
    Do you have goals for your blog?

  3. Hi Rachael!

    Thank you so very much for your beautiful and kind words.

    I hit this point quite often as isaid, but truly never wanted anything more from blog then an outlet. I'm not expecting my blog to make me millions or turn me in to a super star, I just feel that I have no reaction to my writing, therefore falling on deaf ears. Just like at home I guess!! (Joke)

    I really appreciate your input, thank you again! It is great to get some feed back at any time, especially from a blogger I follow myself!

    Cheers xx

  4. Hi Fee!!

    Thank you so much! I think a chat would be great!! Always handy to have a blogger friend nearby! Hehe!

    As for goals, I do but achieving them seems quite a task these days! Thanks for your input and pease don't hesitate to call me anytime!!

    Cheers xxx


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