So how does a pregnancy go?

Hello to all you wonderful people!

We have reached the 25 week mark in our LAST pregnancy! That is a bit of an ongoing joking, as we always say that! But I can assure you that there will be no more children ... from me anyway!

With only 15 weeks left, I'm starting get pretty excited. Lots to do and organise before he arrives and we have done ... nothing! But with the way I have been feeling, there isn't a lot I can do! As you may already know the pregnancy has forced me to stop the medication I was taking for my sporadic fainting. Now to compensate for that, I have completely turned my eating habits on its head!

So far, that is going really well! I have a few weak moments where I might sneak a chocolate biscuit or a piece of chocolate, but generally I stuck to it really well. I am struggling to find new recipes that I can incorporate into our daily menu, because I can't eat a lot of foods, I am really limited to what I can and can't cook. I have never been a multi meal cooker. In our house, if you don't like what is on your plate, then you'll be pretty hungry! So in saying that, I'm not about to cook for four and something else for me!

I have found that spring onions are better for than your basic brown onion, so that has been adding a lovely flavour to our meals. But other than that I feel like I am hitting my head against a brick wall!

However, the fainting has subsided quite dramatically, and the headaches are very far and few between. I can also not complain about the lack of weight I am gaining too! The next few weeks will be the test though. As my track record shows, I tend to balloon in the last trimester. But I'm hoping that with the limited soft drink (But no Coke), no coffee, no chocolate and fresher foods I am consuming, I will maintain this girlie figure I am growing to love.

But oh how I miss my fitness. At the moment and sort of exercise really takes its toll on me. I am managing some yoga and gentle pilaties, but I want to train like I was, lift weights and run! I want to ride my bike with the kids and have that energy back!! Ah, only 15 weeks and then I will be begging for bed and more sleep!

But to add to mix my varicose veins are darkening and growing! My leg looks infected and yuck. I am wearing compression stockings and having to keep my legs elevated as much as possible! Just joy ... joy ... joy!

Well I can't complain, I missed out on morning sickness and all that nonsense with all four pregnancies, so I really should be thanking my lucky stars, it could have been a lot worse!

In all honesty I love being pregnant. I love the feeling of your unborn child rolling around in side of you. The unconditional love you have for him before he has even made his way into our world. I dream of holding him and talking to him. I play music when it's rest time so he can listen too. It is an amazing job we have as mothers. Even though it might take a toll on our bodies, either for the period of the pregnancy or scar our bodies from here on in, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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