Week One Over ...

With the first week of school holiday's behind us and only a week to go, I happy to report I have still got three happy children living with me! At times I have thought about shipping them off to a foreign land, but instead I took a couple of deep breaths and kept them!

Just kidding, I love those twirps, even when they are fighting and screaming at each other!

Sadly we haven't done a great deal these holidays. With Miss Two being sick we have been really limite, yet the girls have had fun. We built a tent using the upstairs couch and some old sheets, which they have moved into for the past week! We have made rock pals, which are now decorating my bench ... hint hint girls ... Miss Ten knitted an owl which I thought was amazing ... I'll be adding that to blog soon! Very clever ...

Other than that we have been on the down low. The weather is always an enemy through the winter months, nut this year we have been lucky enough to not be too cold, which is a good thing for us but a bad thing for the environment.

So bring on the last week of holidays! I hope they end up being more exciting then the first! Enjoy!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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