July Photo A Day Inspiration

Hello guys!

As I feel the black hole descending on me, threatening to swallow me whole, I keep thinking of things that prevent me falling deeper into the blackness.

I don't think I suffer from depression, but I do know that I can feel an array of emotions in a short time frame! But I tend to keep these under control by using excise as a tool, thinking positively and focusing my attention on different tasks. (usually ten or so at once!)

Yesterday I woke feeling that I was ready to climb back into the safety of my bed and stay there for a week or so! I don't get anxious, but the feeling was there also.

But do you know what helped me yesterday? It was the photo a day challenge.
I'm not sure what your head is like on any given day, but I constantly have ideas and posts and kids and dinner and shopping and chores running through mine. I generally plan blog posts in my head while I tackle other tasks, never actually finding the time or the motivation to put them all to print.

But yesterday, it was all about happiness.

If you follow the Fat Mum Slim blog or just partake in the challenge, you would know that yesterday's prompt was 'Happiness Is ...' so I spent the day pondering what does make me happy and the finished product was this list ...

Happiness is ...

* Cuddles 
*A warm cup of tea on a cold morning
*Watching my children play together
*Hearing the soft lulls of my girls talking and telling stories
*Family and friends
*Sour faces
*Settling into a comfy warm bed
*Playing games
*Learning something new
*The satisfaction of completing a task or assisting someone to complete theirs
*Feeling the movement of my baby boy in me
*Knowing that I am all I can be for my family
*Snuggling up with a good movie
*Losing yourself in a good book

Thank you for reading my deep and meaningful post! Lol! Yeah, I know, deep for me but I thought it was too good not to share! Thank you again ...

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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