It's Party Time for Miss Ten

As you can tell, Miss Nine became Miss Ten! Yes last week we celebrated the big 1. 0.

We had such a great week (yes ... week!) Starting with a trip to the cinemas to watch Monsters University! Crack up. Started pretty slow, hubby fell asleep and I caught up on emails etc. But it got better and had me giggling and the kids amused. Then it was dinner at a local restaurant Red Spoon It was delish as always!!

Then off to the in-laws for cake ... ice cream cake too! She was spoilt just a little bit more with clothes, blades, roomies and a huge craft box that I envy!

But the highlight of her week was the sleepover and roller skating party she had. Some how she managed to con me into having a couple of friend stay over on Friday night. Just four girls (including her) "hanging out" ... Oh. My. God. I have never heard so much noise in all my life! Lol! They talked, and talked, and talked some more, then they giggled and sang and squealed! They are good kids and behaved very well!

We started off with some board games

and watermelon juice! The Watermelon juice was a hit!!

We hollowed out the watermelon together and had so much fun getting drenched by the juices. Then pizza for tea, before they disappeared to continue their dance competition?!

The beauty spa was next and did they have doing that! I painted their nails while Miss Ten applied the face masks ... classic! She had never done anything like that before and the giggled and giggled!! The mask was a mixture Of cocoa and cream, easy to make, great for moisture to the skin and harmless for the kids!

Ah yes, don't forget the strawberries and whipped cream too. That's a must. Surprisingly the can of whipped cream went missing later ...

We popped popcorn, watched a movie then the girls settled in their PJ's for the night. They set up their sleeping bags and shut the door while I tidied up the little mess they made. They were such girls! Listening to them chuckle and gossip and talk nails and school ... even boys ... Eek!

Hubby took Miss Four to the circus to give them a chance to be ten year olds and so Miss Four didn't get left out. It was a great idea and she had so much fun! Snuggling in bed with me and eventually dozing off at 11. Miss Two, the champ, fell asleep at 8 no questions asked and didn't stir with all the noise either.

3am, hubby (who decided to spend the night downstairs in mans land) woke me to tell me they were still up!!! I was sure I was going to have some angry mamas the next day and some sleepy skaters! As I later found out, they were too busy talking and painting nails and instagraming to go to sleep!

But I think hubby scared them enough that they finally shut their little eyes and dosed off.

I let them sleep until 9:30 the next morning, thinking at least 6 hours sleep should get them through half a day!! The all stumbled downstairs to the dining table that Miss Four had set for them and devoured all the pancakes! They were so tired but soon cleaned up all tho clothes, sleeping bags and pillows, readied themselves for the party and we were off!

The skating party was a blast! The girls wore themselves out chasing each other, laughing and managed no serious falls! They ate, they drank and they were merry! The cake was to die for ... like literally! The girls were squealing and pretend fainting at the sight of it ...

Yes ladies, that's Louis Tomlinson. The One Direction heart throb that we have been obsessing over for the past two years!!!! Man, I thought 1D would be a fly by interest, but they are the new Backstreet Boys, no doubt about it! Making girls all over the world faint ... even in skating rinks!!

The day seemed to fly past. Before we knew it the parents were arriving and kids were saying their goodbyes! Pregnant mama forgetting to hand out the lollie bags ... Duh! And then it was all over for another year! Having the party away from home was the best idea! So much easier and no mess! I was wrapped that I didn't have to do a thing!

So a big Happy 10th Birthday babes! Your the best 10 year old I know and I hope the next 10 years are just as wonderful! Love you to the moon and back xxx

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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