Yet another ... BIG NEWS STORY!!!

Good afternoon all!

Well haven't I been a little secret keeper of late! I can finally share my wonderful news with you all! We are expecting number four! And he's a he!! No more little miss, its all masters from here on in!

I am 19 weeks today, however due to the way I have been feeling of late we had decided to keep it on the low down! But now we know all is well with our little jellybean, I am excited to share our news with you!

So on the 18th October we will become a family of six, which is huge! Anyone who has four children would be able to comprehend the massive change that we are now facing, our car is too small, our house is too small, we have no boy things! But thankfully we still have all our baby bits, bassinet, bath, change table etc.

So we are a happy house here and filled with much love and joy too! This little man will be doted on by all and I am sure he will be a Cats member on the day he is born!

Unfortunately, this is part of the reason why I have been feeling so unwell of late, but thanks to the support of the Midwives and my Neurologist we are making head way there. But most of all I have the best family and friends to support us too!

Much to my dislike, hubby has ordered me to slow down! No more mister nice guy any more, he is laying down the law! The last two weeks I had been really bad and possibly over doing it, but in my defense, I was doing less than I would normally do ... does that make sense? I've gone from doing PT twice a week and walking heaps to struggling to get up the stairs! Its taking a toll on my sanity!!!

So I need help, and begrudgingly I am accepting it. We now have a cleaner who comes in once a week, I've allowed my children to be run around by everyone bar the postman and I'm accepting food ... this might all sound logical to most, but I'm such a stickler for doing things myself, it's one of my worst habits! I've also had to give up on my training which was a bad day. I love doing my PT and I have always been a walker but at the moment I just can't do it! I hate that the kids don't get out as much either ... but because I have the best hubby in the world, at least pups is going to be walked by the 'dog walker'.

My biggest concern is how the hell am I going to parent not only four children but a boy!! I've never done boys, I'm excited by the thought of trains and tonka trucks, but nappy changing? Bath time? What do I do?! Haha! I'm sure we'll be fine, if he is anything like the other three I should be in a padded cell by Christmas!

So I am thrilled to now be able to talk all things baby with you all and I would love to know how you parent four children, or boys ... I need all the help I can get!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. Congratulations! I have myself a Dear Boy, but just the one. He's a little gender stereotype - rough and ready and covered in dirt and throwing himself from great heights and cars and trucks and trains and buses. I occasionally dress him in pink and hand him the dolls to balance this out :)

  2. Ooo ... I'm so excited! However your little man sounds like my younger two! They are forever jumping in puddles, rolling in dirt and jumping off everything! So doesn't sound like much will change! :) thank you for sharing!

  3. Congratulations!
    I am a mumma of four but opposite you. I have three boys and one baby girl.
    Can I just say that four is easier then going to three.

    Boys are sweet and cuddly and beautiful!!!

    Take it easy when you can! Don't do to much - she says to the mum of three already....

  4. Haha, take it easy, you are a funny lady!! But sadly I have no choice and do as little as I can!! I can't wait to snuggle my little boy, my three girls are very independent so I'm expecting lots of cuddles from my little man, especially as he will be our last!! I've heard so many ladies tell me they are the opposite to us, having three boys and a girl, it's bizarre!! Well good luck with your tribe, I'm sure they bring you much love and joy!!


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