Day 23 - What I learnt away from the classroom

How do you define an education, is it what you learn in life or what you learn through text? I believe all my basic knowledge has come from school but you reach a certain age that you start to learn what you want to know. I read a lot and not just my fav sucky romance novels, I like to read news articles, parenting blogs, anything fun and captivating, but this isn't something that they teach you in a classroom.

I have a big heart and a bigger mind

That is how I was once described, but that is only through years of training myself to be strong. What I really didn't learn in a classroom is how deal with life, life is hard and the people in it are harder. I have seen people come and go, I have cried and I have endured fights. There are things that everyone has to take in their stride, but then there a friendship you lose that tear a bit of you away, there a feelings for people that you know you will never feel again. These are the things that either break you or make you stronger. I know that sounds very cliche but it is so very true.

You are the only person in control of your life and if you allow others to dictate to you then that is still your choice, but if you chose to be your own person you will become stronger and know what you want not only from others or life, but from yourself.

I never was a strong person. I was a doormat, I let people walk over me too many times. But the thing I learnt from that is not to have people who bring you down around you, stand up for yourself, not as bully or violently but make sure those around you know if they are out of place or offending you. I have said this before, I may be able to count my friends on one hand, but I know that they are real and true friends that I will have forever.

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