Day 2 - Educate the masses

Ok folks, well today's challenge is to educate you on something I know a lot about or am good at.

If you read yesterdays post then you would know that for many years I worked as a Dental Nurse.I was (and still am) very passionate about dentistry and teeth in general. 

The Basics ...

Everyone knows that you should brush your teeth twice a day, eat the right foods and drink milk! These are all important measures you should take. But did you know you can over brush your teeth? Brush for more then two minutes each time you brush can result in gums wearing down. When this occurs you dentine is exposed and teeth become sensitive! Ouch!

Soft drink is no good on your teeth! Neither are sports drinks like Gatorade, but one of the worst culprits are citric juices. They wear the enamel down when drunk in high does! If you are a regular drinker of any of the above drinks then you should rinse your mouth with water after to avoid acid wear. Chocolate and lollies are the other culprits causing wear and decay on you teeth, be sure to rinse after them too!

A good idea of how damaging cola drinks can be is in this example. A tooth was placed in a glass of cola, after 7 hours the tooth completely dissolved. It's frightening to think what these products do to our bodies.

Floss should be apart of everyone's daily routine. Flossing ensures that there are no sneaky bits of food lurking between your teeth, when they are left there, not only can they irritate you they also lead to decay.

Calcium should be apart of every diet, it really does help keep your teeth and bones strong and healthy!

For the ladies ... when you are pregnant, it feels as though your unborn child is sucking the life out of you! It can also feel as though you mouth is falling apart at the seams! Don't panic. As your body changes to accommodate the birth, so does your mouth. Your gums relax and may bleed a little too. Just ensure you brush, floss and rinse everyday and your chompers will be as good as new in no time!

Regular check ups and cleans are ideal. I know the dentist can be expensive but living your life without teeth or with dentures can be hard. Be sure to look after them and they will reward you :)

Thanks for reading and I hope that this has been an interesting post for you all! If you have questions I would love to help if possible! 

Thanks ... MCM xxx

Thank you too ...
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