Short Sories ... Day 1

Ok peeps, here goes it, Day 1 of the blog everyday challenge and I'm already! Todays challenge is 'write a short biography on yourself', 250 words. Hooley dooley ...

I was born Hayley Tehan on 22nd of May 1982 at the Royal Womens Hospital. We lived in the South Melbourne area at that time. We were never the richest of rich or the poorest of poor, we were just there.

My mum did a little work, but my dad was the bread earner. When I was 6 we moved to the outer suburbs of Melbourne to have a home and what a great one it was, it was smallish but comfortable and full of good memories. I was an only child until I was 9 1/2 when my dear little brother was born on Boxing Day 1991.
After that we moved 8-9 time before I left the nest! I was a ... tricky teenager, that liked to test patience of my parents! I finished Year 12 and decided not to go on to Uni as there was nothing I felt compelled to do, however found myself falling into dental nursing which became my love for many years, working in different surgeries and meeting many wonderful friends!

I met my dear hubby in 2001 at a party and on New Years Eve we became "offical"! After a wonderful year of fun and holidays and parties and occasions, we found that we were pregnant with daughter number one! We moved out on our own, built house number one and became a family at the age of 21! Though the years that followed were trying and hard, we still came out the otherside older and wiser and most of all best friends. 2006 found us marrying and staying forever in each others lives. Marrying hubby also brouht two sisters into my family who I cherish!  
Daughter number two was born in 2009, the year our first started school and daughter number three followed in 2011. We built and sold a few houses too, finally settling (for now) in our home and making memories of our own! That is us to date ...

I think I did well! That'll be 250ish ... maybe ... don't check please! Lol! That was really fun, I think I might enjoy this!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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