Day 3 - Uncomfortable? Me?

Today's prompt is things that make you uncomfortable. A tough one.

I have thought and thought about this one. And now at 6 o'clock at night when I should be cooking dinner I am staring at the screen wondering ... what makes me uncomfortable. I know there are things that I don't like, maybe even hate, but do they make me uncomfortable?

I am a very friendly, outgoing, chatty type of person. I smile at strangers and talk to shop assistants. I'm not a fan of speaking publicly but will if I have to. So I really am racking my brain on this one!

Then it hits me like a tonne of bricks, talking about me. I hate job interviews where they ask what assets do you have? Why do you think you will suit this position? I even hate when the health and maternity nurse asks how I am doing. I do get uncomfortable and feel awkward. I'm happy to listen to you, and I'll ask away, but I guess just don't delve into my deep centre!

Thanks again for reading, that's one dark secret out of the way :)

Thank ... MCM xxx


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