A whinge

I wanted to whinge. I like whinging. It's one of my favourite past times! But yesterday was a really sucky day for me. It started out well, I had PT in the morning and did the food shopping and delivered some work stuff to hubby before taking the munchkins home for lunch. Then it all went down hill. My sucky condition took over and left me lying on the carpet up stairs. I was lucky enough to have hubby working around the corner and came to my rescue, but by that time I had all ready curled into bed with my Kindle app. I was grateful that he took Miss 4 swimming and picked Miss 9 up from school, but I still felt like absolute crapola!

This isn't me by the way, I'm not so graceful!

I forced myself up to go to basketball because I started to think I was wallowing. I felt better and decided that I was going to face the family for a birthday dinner that was on that night. Instead of enjoying the night, I ended up having dizzy spells at the table, broke down in tears and we had to make a swift exit in case I face planted the floor or table! 

I was so embarrassed, I have never wanted to be somewhere else more than at that moment! Thankfully I made it to the car and back home without fainting but the humiliation stains longer. Not that anyone there would have cared, it's more me. I hate feeling like that more than anything and the fact that it comes on at any given moment is a killer. The migraine afterwards was more of a killer though! 

I was put straight to bed and hubby changed everyone into their PJ's and put everyone to bed while I lay in bed mending my head (with vinegar & brown paper). I slept well though!

Sometimes I think how crap it all is, then in the morning I realise how lucky I really am to have that happen once in a while when there are people out there a hell of a lot worse off than me!  

Thanks ... MCM xxx


  1. I hope you're feeling better today. Sometimes we all need a good whinge. I love that phrase!

  2. Haha, thank you Joey!! I tend to whinge a little, I love the phrase too!


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