I hate to think that anyone should go anywhere and feel as though they are a target for someone to focus their negative energy on. We have recently found that Miss 9 has been in such a position and it makes me sick to my stomach.
The other night she came home complaining about this one child that continues to make life difficult for her, leaning on doors so she cannot open them, telling people things about her that aren't true, singling her out and making her feel uncomfortable. She is a tough cookie, she is smart and knows that this person is not someone worth wasting her time on, but still when you know someone doesn't like you (for what ever reason) you will always worry about it.

The school weren't aware of the situation and claim to be 'dealing with it' but sadly I don't feel the confidence in their convictions. We have come from a school with zero tolerance to bullying and my beautiful, kind hearted girl never had a worry in the world. Now I feel like she is in this new environment with none of her friends that she had such good relationships with and now this ... what have I done?
I have spent the last few days kicking myself. Why did we change schools? She was happy where she was, she had great teachers, great friends and now I feel like I have caused her more stress that she doesn't need, she is too young to have this on her mind!
As it turns out, after a situation in the art room, the teacher approached the child and she burst into tears and apologised, wanting to be friends. I hope that this is the end of the situation and it doesn't progress any further, because I know hubby isn't very happy!!! Eek!
I would love to know your thoughts. Do you know of a similar situation? How would you rectify this???
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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