Brick walls are hard!

Good evening all!

Firstly I want to apologize for the lack of interaction of late. Sadly I have hit a brick wall (not literally) I just have been feeling a little overwhelmed and preoccupied at the moment. Just lots of things happening all at once I guess! Plus the heat here in Melbourne over the past few weeks has been enough to send anyone batty!

So lots has been happening, kids are at school and kinder, there's lots of dancing and swimming and more dancing (that's what happens when you have girls) and poor old hubby has been working TOO MUCH lately. The poor bugger picked up some extra work while it was quite and now cant leave them in the lurch but his business is picking up again too. So he is feeling the pressure a bit at the moment.

The Labor Day weekend just passed and we made the most of it! Dinners on the beach, hubby took me out for dinner in the park, the girls and I went strawberry picking again and Moomba. Wow. How awesome is Moomba? I remember as a kid going with mum and dad and watching the water skiing and enjoying a couple of rides, but the best part was the Moomba Parade.

We sat in 36C heat and watched the entire parade, from amazing aboriginal dancers to the breath taking Chitty Chitty Bang Bang float. The girls weren't overly impressed sadly, I think the heat was getting the better of them, but I feel that they don't appreciate the excitement and effort that goes into a parade of such caliber.

Miss 9 was a little more interested than the other two, who just wanted to run on the grass and eat fairy floss!

So we wandered for a while had a couple of rides and played a few games, ate fairy floss that was bigger than their heads before heading back home.

I had a good time and I hope they did too, Moomba is an iconic part of Melbourne and I would hate to see something so wonderful ever stop. Next year when everyone is a little older I think we will go later in the day and watch the fireworks too. Great day out!

Well I hope all is well and hopefully my next post isn't too far off. Thanks for reading ... chat soon ... MCM xxx


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