A night to hold on to forever

On my 16th birthday -almost 15 years ago- a very dear friend of mine gave me a CD as a gift. It was a CD single for those who remember them, of a song that we all knew and loved to sing to - everyone knew all the words. I call this the beginning of the end - thank you Corey for my addiction that will carry on for many years to come - that CD single was 'Dammit' by Blink 182.

That night I met some people who still to this day I cherish with all my heart even though I may speak to them often or see them much, we spent many years mucking around in garages across the neighborhood and watching movies and as we grew older we learnt to drive and got our P's. We drive to parties and spent many nights dancing and singing and drinking and laughing. These days were some of the best, we fell in and out love and made and lost many friends, but what holds the key to those memories is the music.

Tonight I stood with the other tens of thousands of fans at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and bopped and screamed and sang every word to every song, with that had flashbacks to times and places, good and bad. Remembering being a rebellious teenager playing 'Dick Lips' loud when I would fight with mum and be grounded. Then there are the road trips we would take, the nights of 18th's and 'my parents away, come over' parties where we would gather in the backyards and light small fires in old drums and tell jokes and sing to old classics and then get into the heavy music as the night progressed! Meeting hubby even has its own Blink song!! Then new memories were made, new friends, new songs and fun times to be had.

The fact that three people on a stage or in a garage or a studio can make such a trivial event memorable because their song was on the radio or happened to be on at that time makes it all the more amazing. So reliving these moments tonight is a trip down memory lane I never thought I would be able to take. Let alone share with my most favourite people in my life! AND also be three rows from the front!! It was the most amazing night that I will cherish for many, many years to come!

Thanks ... MCM xxx

P.S I'm writing this on my iPhone on the way home!

P.P.S I'm not drunk, just very happy :)


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