A new approach

Today I started a new approach to my 'Change my life' program. Well it's not really a program, but a half arsed attempt to make myself a better person. I think hubby just thinks I have too much time on my hands!
But on Friday a wonderful book landed on my front door c/o Mumchic this book is titled The Tall Poppy Project - Kylie Patchett - Stand tall + stake a claim on your delicious life. And that's just the front cover. The idea of the book is to assess your life and adjust it to suit you and where you want to be. I've never been a self helper, I've never wanted to read a book that tells you how to live your life or fix what is wrong with you, but I found this book more appealing than that. It has a deeper feeling to it that I warmed to and I know that I can relate to it! By the way this is not a paid post, this is real!!!

So it has taken me almost a week to find five minutes to read some of the book (which I believe is problem number one) but having done so I've achieve my first task.
I needed to close my eyes, take ten deep breaths and concentrate solely on myself. This is a very hard task, my body was fighting to stay awake and my mind was saying you didn't hang out the towels, did you wash the school hat? Lunches aren't ready!!
But deep down there was a small space that slightly resembled me! And sadly my responses for that section went something like this;
How do you feel? Come back to the now and jot down some of your answers:
* Worried
* Uneasy
* Tired
* Flat
* Emotional
* Empty
* Sore
It might be because I'm digging deep or the fact it's late, but I ain't seeing no happy thoughts there!!! But everyone is like that yeah? Well tonight I read something that struck me hard, here's a quote from the book;
Feelings of tiredness, discontent, irritability, depression, overwhelming stress and anger are common, but they are not normal.
Modern day society and western medicine have made them normal, simply because they are common.

Again, I'm sure that I'm overtired, but does that sound right to you? Do you feel that we are accepting of these things because are becoming more common? I do ... I must read on!
Thanks for reading ...
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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