Santa Clause is coming ....

Well look at that, another week almost past and another week closer to Christmas!! I'm hopeless when it comes to Christmas shopping though. Generally hubby and I have the same discussion, he wants me to wait until closer to Christmas before shopping, then he wants me to wait for a time when he can come too, then before we know it it's a week out from Christmas and we have nothing but a handful of presies under the tree! Argh! This year do you know what hubby suggested? Just do it online! Well what a great idea! I'll do it I thought! I had 5 minutes to myself the other day so I sat down with the laptop and my coffee and got on Targets website and they want to charge me to collect my items from a store, I laughed and went onto Kmarts website who didn't have half the items available online you had to go in store! That's when I realized that I had to revert back to the old fashioned way of fighting for car parks and running over rude people's ankles with the pram!!!
I love Christmas however, I love getting the girls all dressed up and heading to the city to see the Myer windows and visiting Santa in Santaland! That is something that Miss 9 and I have done since her first Christmas and now we all look forward to it! Then we decorate the house with the Santa advent calendar and tinsel and the tree of course!! My favourite memories are those from Christmas morning watching my girls ripping open their presents and squealing with delight before a day shared with our beautiful family! Only 6 weeks to go people's! I'm excited!

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