Cleaning hug

Mondays are my clean up day. Generally the house needs to recover from two solid days of three lunatics trampling through! So today as I vacuumed upstairs and the kids following me making a mess as we go, i asked Miss 3 to tidy her room so I could clean it (Sadly I have my children that paranoid that I will vacuum up their things if they are on the floor) she ran to her room and was busy putting everything away! I make it into her room and find that she has bypassed her three toy boxes -conveniently located in her room- and placed the clothes, stuffed toys, tea set and board game on her bed and covered it with the doona! I couldn't help but laugh, she thought it was the most hilarious thing he had ever done until she flopped onto her bed and collided with one of the many items! So I continue in my way before I am stopped again by miss 3 who turns to me and says "Stop mum, you must stop!" I do as I'm told and she leads me to the couch signaling for me to sit, wraps her arms around me and gives me a HUGE squeezy hug! When asked what that was for she says "You had a cleaning hug!" Confused I probed and her explanation was "Well when we clean you say you've got the cleaning bug, I don't like you having bugs so I'm giving you cleaning hugs!"
Priceless ...

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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