Cheeky Chinos

Hello everyone!!
Today I met a good friend of mine at the cutest little cafe in South Melbourne call Cheeky Chinos! What a great idea, just imagine your local indoor play centre, then imagine it clean, warm and supervised!! A great idea!
This child friendly cafe is located near the South Melbourne market, just down from Clarendon Street. It is on the small side, but if you are looking for somewhere to meet during the week this is ideal! The cafe has a few scattered tables and can accommodate 7-8 groups. Their menu is suitable for parents and a similar menu but bite sized for the littlies! They are reasonably priced and the kids can play supervised for half and hour or an hour, depending the time needed to recoup!!
The decor is bright and playful and Miss 3 and Miss 1 fell in love as soon as they walked in. The play area is all soft equipment that is suitable for all ages, with climbing areas, ball play and a little cubby too!

The kids are timed according to the length of time you purchase and you can pause their time if they wish to come out and have a break, then the time is resumed when they re-enter. The concept is fantastic!
I hope that the next time you are twiddling your thumbs and want a change of scenery you head to Cheeky Chinos! It was a great time for all!!
Thanks ... MCM xxx


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