Vegi eating monsters

We don't have issues with food in our house, all three of our girls are human vacuums so we never really had to do or say anything! Well I'll admit, the real reason is because they idolise their father who is a human vacuum!! Honestly as young children they ate everything because dad did, and now Miss 9 and Miss 3 have acquired the taste for all vegi's! However I feel Miss 1 is going to be more of a challenge! She isn't a big eater of all things healthy! She will nibble, but isn't devouring plate fulls like her sisters!!
So please share your secrets!!! I need to know what is the best way to encourage her healthy eating, without tying her to the high chair and force feeding her!!! I tried it but it didn't work!! Lol! (not really)
So I am open to tips and tricks, might even be a winner amongst the ideas!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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