Step Back In Time

No, no, I'm not about to whip out the vinyl And play a little Kylie, today we went ROLLER SKATING!!!!

It was our cousins 12th birthday yesterday and we hit the skating rink to celebrate! Oh my ... SIL and I had the most amazing time trying to maneuver our way around the rink without either falling on our butts or taking out some littlies!

It was such a wonderful time to reminisce, thinking back to bing a little girl and my mum and aunt taking me skating, then as I got a bit older heading there with my friends on Saturdays and days off school, basically every chance we got! We even made it on to the Oz Skate ad they filmed at our local centre! Then when I became too cool for school we would go EVERY Friday night! We would meet at Maccas and then walk over the bridge thinking we were the coolest! Oh, but if the blue light was on then we'd be there of course!!

Watching my dear Miss 9 was very heart warming. I just wish my children inherited some coordination from somewhere, but sadly not! Miss 9 had her legs bent, walking on her skates (so getting nowhere!) and wore her fear on her forehead like a neon sign! She was so beautiful to watch! SIL and I took it turns of staying with her, so the other could take off and have a skate, we were such big kids!! But after being there for a couple of hours and being so determined, Miss 9 managed to pick up some pace and found her feet on the rink! Then she was having fun!!

We had a truly great day! Something I'm sure we will do again very soon, however not too soon as I have muscles that are aching that I didn't even know existed!!!

Thanks ... MCM xxx


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